Welcome to FreeFall Stage!

Mission Statement: Providing theatrical training and professional quality, thought provoking, entertaining live theatre for patrons of all ages.

Motto: Live theatre of Excellence, Quality, and Integrity.

The FreeFall Family/Team: Get to know them here!

FreeFall Stage is a full-time (offering six to ten productions a year) community theatre company producing plays in a variety of genres and subjects for patrons of all ages, as well as providing classes from stage make-up to acting for both the aspiring and experienced thespian. FreeFall Stage is Folsom’s longest running community theatre, now in our 16th year. FreeFall Stage has presented 50 productions, produced nearly 60 plays, and garnered 36 nominations for awards in nearly every theatrical category in Sacramento’s prestigious theatrical awards program.


Beginning in the fall of 2002 on Reading St. in Folsom, FreeFall Stage established a foundation of teaching the craft and history of theatre. Originally called “T.H.E. Actors Workshop” (Talented Home Educated), they began training high school students, which culminated in a production at the end of each semester. Beginning in the summer of 2009, the name was expanded to “and Integral Theatre Company” to include the community theatre aspect of the organization.Then, in the summer of 2012, the organization changed the name to the shorter, catchier, and easier to say “FreeFall Stage.” Under this new name we continued to grow and expand the classes we offered and the plays we produced. 

In the Summer of 2015, after 14 years in the same space, the lease was up at Reading St. in Folsom and we said goodbye to our very first “home.” Since that time, we have been operating/performing nomadically at various private and public venues in the Folsom and Greater Sacramento areas.


In the Spring of 2014, we produced (for the first time in the U.S.) Andrew Kooman’s critically acclaimed anti-trafficking drama She Has a Name (see under Performances in the U.S.), which included a 7 run tour from the Summer of 2014 through the Spring of 2016. We were honored to partner with local anti-trafficking organizations such as 3Strands Global/Break Free Run (formerly known as Run For Courage), Courage Worldwide, and Blue Heart International to bring awareness and encourage audience members to take action to end human trafficking in our lifetime. We are dedicated to continue supporting these incredible organizations and using our talents to provoke positive change in our World.


The name FreeFall Stage pays tribute to the brother of our executive director, who was himself a fellow thespian and avid skydiver, who passed away in 2010. In skydiving terms the “free fall” is when the skydiver is simply letting the power of gravity pull them to the earth—there is no parachute. The feeling during this time of “free fall” is described by skydivers as exhilarating, freeing, and terrifying. Before one can free fall, one must carefully plan the jump, such as acquiring the proper equipment (most importantly the parachute) and partnering with the best skilled individuals. Once all the plans are put into place, the skydiver is able to take the jump and experience the freedom and exhilaration of the free fall.

Theatre (and life) is like a free fall. Careful planning and partnerships must be made before a production can be brought to life before an audience. Theatres need sponsors, grants, and fundraising, as well as directors, stage managers, house managers, carpenters, and so on. These partnerships paired with the right equipment (the facility, the props, the stage, and the like) come together to create the magic—the free fall—of theatre.


We are working hard towards raising funds to purchase a new and permanent home for FreeFall Stage to operate and thrive as a full-time and well-rounded theatre company for years to come. We are currently working on grants and building relationships for business sponsorship’s and private/public investors to make our goals and dreams a reality. 

Until that time, we will continue to bring Live Theatre of Excellence, Quality, and Integrity to the City of Folsom and the Greater Sacramento areas. 


If you would like to be involved in front or behind the scenes, let us know! We are always on the look-out for thespians and patrons of the theatrical arts who have a passion for the arts and a desire for excellence for the craft to come work alongside us and help us in our vision to bring quality theatre to people of all ages.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation and/or check out our Tandem Club! As a non-profit, we largely operate out of donations and sponsorship’s. Every little bit helps!

So welcome to FreeFall Stage! Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat! We look forward to hearing your comments/suggestions/questions or words of encouragement!

We shall see you at the theatre!

Deanne Eldridge, Founder, Executive Director
916-207-5606 – info@freefallstage.com


FreeFall Stage is a member of the Sacramento Regional Theatre Alliance (SARTA) and are the proud nominees of numerous Elly Nominations.