FreeFall Stage delivers top-quality performances suited for all ages. I highly recommend to attend any of their plays.
Keith J. (Yelp)
Amazing theatre with a spirit of excellence! I have never been disappointed with one of their productions and am constantly impressed with their quality. The staff is very friendly and welcoming also. Love this place!
Delaney P. (Yelp)
If you have never been to one of their children’s theater performances you should !! They put on a fantastic performance. Well directed and amazing actors.
Pamela C. (Yelp)
My daughter has preformed with a variety of company around Folsom, and this is her favorite! The directors and techniques are superb. It really feels like a family here. I definitely recommend FreeFall stage!
Rosalina T. (Yelp)
I found your production (She Has a Name) to be quite powerful and was one of those audience members who was left speechless and teary at the end. The actors did a magnificent job, and the very real problem of trafficking is one we shouldn’t ignore. Thanks for taking on this serious subject.
Regarding your theatre: A couple weeks ago I read a letter in the Bee from a man complaining about the cost to see a play by Sacramento’s theater company– the expensive tickets, the parking hassles…..My response to him would be that he can see excellent productions by companies like yours that won’t break his bank but will leave him satisfied that he has seen quality craftsmanship.
Helen T.
This has to be one of the Greatest Productions (The Secret Adversary) we have seen at your place! I tried to make a copy of your web page as a hand out to share with 20 men I meet with weekly to encourage them to take their families to introduce them to your productions so they too may be blessed with such great creativity.
PS: Your gracious greeter ‘made’ our 5th Anniversary a Hit by simply saying to us as we entered: “Happy Anniversary”, then your Extraordinary Production Blew us away! Again, Congratulations!
We were really really impressed with your ingenious use of resources. The ‘slides’ did a fantastic job of ‘bringing us along’ with the location changes on each new scene. There were many more things about your production that were amazing that I’ve already forgotten (the cost of being 77)…as a former Nissan Forklift dealer I am a Quality nut, and Love contributing my limited thoughts anywhere I see ‘heart and genius’. Your actors where also exceptional, especially with ALL those lines. Thanks again for a Wonderful Evening! Also for the SPECIAL seats.
Richard K.
Great team!! Wonderful entertainers! House full of talent!
Ritu A.